Touchscreen multimedia guides launched at Household Cavalry Museum

As part of dynamic redevelopments at the Household Cavalry Museum, visitors will be able to use a state of the art guide during their visit. For the first time, visitors will be able to listen to audio, watch videos and read more about objects at their own pace on a self-guided tour.

The guide is on an MP Touch™; a light device with a 5 inch touch screen and excellent image quality. Visitors can use it to listen to an actor read the Riot Act complete with sound effects, while they look at one of the original copies that soldiers were required to read before dispersing crowds. They can experience the compelling stories of serving troops in specially commissioned interviews, simply by tapping on a picture of the soldier. Visitors can even watch videos of soldiers in training taking their first ride on a horse, while peeking into the actual working stables of the Household Cavalry via a purpose-built glass partition.

The opportunity to see Household Cavalry soldiers at work is something unique to the museum. It is housed in the eighteenth century stables once used by the regiment. Its location means that visitors can watch a soldier taking part in Changing of the Queen’s Life Guard outside, then find out about the same soldier’s experience in Afghanistan in a matter of minutes. From the outset of the formation of the museum, the unusual building has been treated as an opportunity to create a distinctive and memorable experience.

This aim of looking for innovative ways of telling the Household Cavalry’s story continues to be at the heart of what the museum does. The multimedia guide is part of a wider redevelopment of the site. A redesign of the layout, new exhibition areas and new objects means that the multimedia guide will be integrated into an exciting new experience for visitors.

Martin Westwood, Director/Head of Commercial Development and Operations says: “We are delighted to be able to offer visitors a multimedia guide. The Household Cavalry has so many stories to share. Some of the stories are hundreds of years old and some are from soldiers on the front line right now. The guide has allowed us to bring these to life, showing visitors the rich range of roles that Household Cavalry soldiers carry out in addition to the ceremonial duties that are famous the world over.”

Andrew Nugée, Founder and Chief Executive of Imagineear says: “The Household Cavalry Museum has been a joy to work with. Representing centuries of incredible heritage in a relatively small space was an exciting challenge, which we were delighted to tackle creatively, and the MP Touch™ tablet made the task considerably easier. So much of what the Household Cavalry had wanted to offer visitors was compelling media, using audio, video and images. The sharp picture quality means visitors can immerse themselves effortlessly, and the interface is designed to be intuitive so they can navigate what is in fact a significant amount of information with great ease. We are looking forward to continuing to work with the Household Cavalry Museum on future exciting projects.”



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Andrew Nugee
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About the Household Cavalry Museum

The Household Cavalry Museum is a living museum for the Household Cavalry. It tells the story of real soldiers and is at the centre of where these soldiers carry out their duties, in Whitehall. Located in original eighteenth century stables, the museum tells the personal stories of the people who make up the Household Cavalry through displays, rare objects and an interactive multimedia guide.

Admission price includes the multimedia guide and will be as follows:

– Adults £7.00

– Concessions £5.00

– Family £18.00

Museum profits help support our soldiers and their families, who have been adversely affected by recent operational deployments.

For further information please visit


Martin Westwood, Director/Head of Commercial Development and Operations
Tel: +44 (0)20 7930 3090