Tour of The Hague now available for non-Dutch speakers

Visitors to The Hague from outside the Netherlands will be able to learn about the country’s politics thanks to a new guide from Imagineear. English, German, French, Italian and Spanish speakers can now join existing tours with a MediaPacker™ guide provided for them in their own language. The guide has been created for ProDemos, the non-profit organisation which coordinates the tours around the Hall of Knights, Senate and House of Representatives.

The Hague is one the most important seats of political power in the world. The Home of the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court, the city is also an important centre for the United Nations.

Its international credentials have grown from a solid tradition of politics in the city. Parts of the Senate structure date back to the fifteenth century, when the building was home to the Stadtholder, a powerful representative for the king. The influence of the monarchy is still felt through the nearby Hall of Knights, where the ruling monarch has given the state opening of parliament speech for the last one hundred years. The Dutch government carried on showing how committed they were to the future of their politics by investing in the striking House of Representatives during the 1990s.

Now leading the way in ensuring that Dutch citizens and visitors alike are able to understand the extraordinary work that takes place in these buildings, ProDemos commissioned a tour in multiple languages. The tour gives visitors practical information, as well as exploring the heritage, current uses and future for the area. The range of time that the structures cover mean that visitors can learn about 13th century ‘eavesdroppers’ on the ceiling of one building, then move on to hearing about contemporary sculpture on the ceiling of another.

Eleonore Heijboer, Founder and Content Director at Imagineear, said: “Working with ProDemos to produce a tour of The Hague has been a really interesting project. What is unique about the area is that it has consistently been at the heart of the Netherlands’ political life for hundreds of years, however it has never become stagnant – its influence continues to grow across the world. Having the different languages reflects its global importance. Moreover, it helps ProDemos reach its aim of engaging as many people as possible with politics. By going on the tour, visitors will hopefully take home an enthusiasm to engage with politics that goes beyond the borders of the Netherlands.”



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About ProDemos

The ProDemos House for Democracy and the Rule of Law is an independent national organisation whose aim is to provide citizens with information on the democratic rule of law, and encourage them to play an active part in the country’s political and judicial system. To get as many people as possible involved in politics, ProDemos works at municipal, provincial and national level. ProDemos is based in The Hague, opposite the Binnenhof (Inner Court).

ProDemos organises a wide variety of events in The Hague both at the Binnenhof and in the surrounding area, where thousands of students, tourists, members of political organisations and other guests are welcomed every year. By taking part in guided tours, debates, exhibitions, lectures and workshops, they learn more about politics, democracy and the rule of law.


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