Tours and Tickets Amsterdam Relies on Imagineear for Ambitious Content Project

Imagineear was tasked by Tours and Tickets Amsterdam to deliver an ambitious content upgrade across the city’s sightseeing bus and canal boat network.

Employing over seventy professionals and 11 studios in eight countries to deliver translation, voices, studio services, supervision, checking and management, Imagineear is providing over 300 highly produced audio stops in sixteen languages, including Polish, Catalan and Korean against a tight deadline of just 100 days, a production record for the company.

Eleonore Heijboer, Creative Director, and herself based in Amsterdam, oversaw the process: “This has been a huge effort, and required a great deal of planning and coordination. At one point we recorded eight tours in six languages in five countries for Tours and Tickets – all within 24 hours, and all to the usual high quality standard. It has been quite a challenge to the business, which we are delighted to have been able to rise to.”

The tours are available in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Mandarin and Korean.



For further information please contact:

Eleonore Heijboer
Imagineear Ltd

Tel: +31 (0)20 7716645

About Imagineear Ltd

Imagineear is a leading provider of multimedia content and technology solutions. We design and produce multilingual content, which we often integrate with existing archive materials, as well as live audio. We publish to smartphones, and to smart devices on-site, working with sports venues, cultural sites and the healthcare sector. In London and Amsterdam we have experienced content, hardware, software and data solution teams. Our goal is to help our clients deliver exceptional value and memorable experiences to their visitors, both on- and off-site.