Understanding Auschwitz, Imagineear Partners with Musealia

Musealia, co-producers of the travelling exhibition: “Auschwitz. Not long ago. Not far away”, has partnered with Imagineear to provide visitors own-language contextual content using the MediaPacker™ audio guide.

The exhibition, produced in conjunction with the Auschwitz-Berkenau State Museum, is open until June 2018 at Madrid’s Centro de Exposiciones Arte Canal before it visits six more European cities and seven in North America.  The accompanying audio content is initially available in Spanish and English, with more languages to be added as the exhibition travels.

The aim of this poignant exhibition is to set the complex reality of the Nazi German concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland within its historical context.  It examines how such a place could come to exist, as well as the terrible historical and human consequences derived from the Holocaust. Over 600 objects, never previously on display to the public, have been gathered from over twenty institutions, museums and private collectors from around the world to portray the realities of camp life, and the world of its victims and executioners.

The Director of the Exhibition Project, Luis Ferreiro, of Musealia, said, Hatred, racism, antisemitism and intolerance are, unfortunately, concepts we still have to face nowadays. Therefore, it is of vital importance to remember the road that led to Auschwitz and the consequences it had.”

Andrew Nugée, Imagineear Chief Executive, agreed: “This is a story that must continue to be told, and deeply understood.  We owe it to our children not to allow false or lazy characterisations to drive out a more careful understanding of how Auschwitz could be created, in order to recognize and prevent genocide wherever and whenever it arises.  We are glad to support this important initiative, and proud to be part of it.”



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