Van Gogh Museum Multimedia Guide Used for the Millionth Time

This month, the Van Gogh Museum welcomed its millionth multimedia guide user. The guide, loaded on Imagineear’s rugged MPti™ devices, is an interactive tour that helps visitors discover the collection. It was introduced in late November 2014 to replace the audio guide.

An average of one in five visitors – one in four in peak season – uses the multimedia guide to explore the world of Van Gogh and delve deeper into his art.  The majority of Van Gogh fans report seeing Vincent in a different light after taking the tour, despite thinking that they already knew all there was to know about the artist.

‘That is exactly what we hope to achieve with the guide. Visitors arrive at our museum with relatively clear-cut ideas. But they leave with new insights, which they enthusiastically share with us, as well as online’, explains Axel Rüger, Director of the Van Gogh Museum. The multimedia guide introduces museum visitors to another side of Van Gogh, as three-quarters of users proactively report. The top-three ‘new’ insights are: Van Gogh’s short yet productive life; the influence of his friends and family; and his illness.

The tour was created in a whole service project designed by Fabrique, in collaboration with Frankly, Green + Webb and Imagineear. It includes three variations and is available in 11 different languages. Imagineear’s MPti™ players were chosen for their sophisticated digital technology.

Two and a half years and a million users later, the MPti™ devices have proved their sturdiness and reliability when in constant use.



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