Wembley Stadium Opts for MultimediaGroupGuide™

Imagineear has enhanced the Wembley Stadium group guided tours by producing new video footage, editing existing content, and designing a bespoke new interface including image recognition and 360 video technology –  all delivered on the revolutionary group tour system – Imagineear’s MultimediaGroupGuide™.

The MultimediaGroupGuide™ gives visitor venues a greatly enhanced capability for guided group tours. Guides can both speak to their group through amplified radio mics and choose to trigger pre-loaded multimedia content on the group’s individual players, giving the group guide the ability to play multimedia content whilst keeping complete control over the group and tour.

“The biggest advantage of the MultimediaGroupGuide™ is the ability it provides to add that extra dimension to the experience and support the tour guide,” said Iain George, Project Director, UK & Ireland. “The immersive audio and multimedia elements help visitors ‘feel’ what it’s like to be at a game or concert at Wembley. The other great advantage is that the tour guide can dictate and change the tour route easily without affecting the experience or the visitor even noticing the change.”

As the setting for the 1948 Olympics, music concerts, shows and boxing events, Wembley Stadium is home to so much more than football, as is illustrated in the tour content.  At present, 100,000 visitors a year take the Wembley tour – mainly from the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain – and this is expected to increase greatly over the next few years with further enhancements to the visitor experience.


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