A year-end message from Andrew Nugée, Founder and CEO of Imagineear

“On behalf of everyone at Imagineear, I am delighted to wish all of our clients, colleagues and partners a well earned rest and as much Christmas cheer as you can muster as 2021 gently hits the buffers.

“And what a year – what a journey – it has been.  2021 started with hope illuminated by miraculous vaccines, and we duly offered vaccinations to all and sundry, believing that would be the end of the matter.  But the virus had other plans, and we find ourselves now plunged temporarily back into uncertainty with the arrival of the omicron variant.  We, like our brilliant clients and partners, have had to learn to be patient.

“From the outset of the pandemic at Imagineear we took the long view, and I could not be prouder of the team and our achievements in such trying times.  We have almost doubled the number of clients on our roster during the year, and added 20 full- and part-time staff to keep them smiling.  We have signed up partners in the US, in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Latin America and the Balkans, and cannot wait to work with them all in 2022.  This year saw the expansion of our web and native app delivery platforms; and we launched our latest, larger and smarter touchscreen device, the Maestro™, which adds pinpoint indoor location and triggering to its already competent multimedia toolkit.

“So three cheers to the Sealifes and Monlifes, to Stonehenge, Warner Brothers and the Royal Albert Hall, to M+ and the Ashmolean, The Royal Palace in Amsterdam and The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (to mention just a few) … and no less to our many valued existing clients.  Thank you all for your confidence in Imagineear.  We will continue to do our utmost to repay your trust in us.

“And, despite the current gloomy prognoses, 2022, I sense, will be an outstanding year.”

Andrew Nugée, Founder and CEO of Imagineear