Arsenal FC Kicks Off with Tour Upgrade

New content and the addition of ‘Shirt-Cam’ in the Arsenal players’ dressing room are part of a  multimedia and tech upgrade by Imagineear to the popular and successful Emirates Stadium visitor tour.

The club’s worldwide fan base has ensured that a quarter of a million visitors a year flock to Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium on non-match days and over 75% take the self-guided tour to learn more about the Arsenal’s venerable history, its current players and this 60,000 plus capacity venue.

Imagineear’s robust, top-of-the-range MPti™ devices have now replaced the 1,000 MediaPacker™ players which previously hosted the original tour. With its 5” intuitive touch screens and advanced capabilities, the MPti™ allows for more features to enhance the visitor experience.  For example, ‘Shirt-Cam’ enables visitors to point their devices at their favourite players’ shirts to generate layers of content and action video triggered by the MPti™’s integrated camera lens.

A new interface has been designed to match the MPti™ screen.

The tour is available in English and eight other languages – Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin and Portuguese Brazilian – reflecting the multi-national interest in this Premier League club and its breath-taking venue.



For further information please contact:

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Imagineear Ltd
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