Augmented Reality Debuts at the Chinatown Heritage Centre

A prerequisite of the multimedia tour created by Imagineear for the newly revamped Chinatown Heritage Centre in Singapore was the inclusion of augmented reality (AR).

Visitors to the Centre are able to delve into local Chinese culture and to experience how Singapore’s early migrants lived.

The Living Cubicles tour explores a recreation of the living and working quarters of the Chinatown workers and artisans ranging from hawkers and physicians to tailors and carpenters.

The tour, scripted and recorded by Imagineear in English and Mandarin, includes a stop at which the visitor points the camera on the Imagineear MPti™ device and sees an English translation of the text in real time. Fifteen further similar AR triggers will be added over the coming weeks, and eventually, with thirty-five AR objects in total, the CHC tour will become Imagineear’s largest augmented reality project.

The tour is now available on Imagineear’s MPti™ devices and will soon be available in Japanese to complement the Mandarin and English.

“Augmented reality is destined to be a standard feature of multimedia tours going forward,” says Andrew Nugée, founder and CEO of Imagineear. “It’s good to see a heritage attraction like the Chinatown Heritage Centre leading as an early adopter of this exciting new technology.”



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