Acute Oncology App, Wessex Strategic Cancer Network

The Wessex Strategic Cancer Network covers Hampshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight an area of 2.8 million people.


With one in five cancer cases being diagnosed in A&E departments, there is a need for A&E clinicians to find their way through a myriad of possible cancer symptoms presented as emergencies so they can take the best considered action quickly and decisively. This, in turn, accelerates treatment for patients and referrals to specific oncologists in local NHS Trusts.


We adapted for Wessex Imagineear’s Acute Oncology app developed in a partnership with CW+, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s health charity and the London Cancer Alliance (LCA). Best practice guidelines developed by the LCA are provided together with round-the-clock contact details of oncology specialists in the Wessex region.

What We Are Proud Of

An authoritative medical reference tool that is being well used in both iOS and Android versions on clinicians’ and staff devices throughout the region.