BeYou+ App

Healthcare professionals at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, supported by the hospital’s health charity CW+, wanted an app to help people with living with a variety of health conditions to access reliable information and support tools in a convenient format.


A need was identified for a flexible app framework which could be adapted to suit patients living with a range of conditions such HIV, diabetes, cancer or bariatric issues so as to support optimum health and well-being. 


BeYou+ was designed in a creative and co-investment partnership with CW+ for initial roll out to people living with HIV.  It includes specific body, mind and life information; tools for goal setting with a weekly progress scale; daily notifications and video rewards, information sections, appointments pages which sync with the device’s calendar, tracks graphically CD4 and viral load; and creates personalised lists of medications and healthcare professionals. 

What We Are Proud Of

A password protected app with content provided by the HIV clinical team at Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust to provide a better patient experience.