Croke park, Ireland

Croke Park is the home of Ireland’s largest sporting and cultural organisation, the Gaelic Athletic Association, (GAA). With a capacity of over 82,000, the Dublin-based stadium is the third largest in Europe and hosts hurling, camogie and men’s and women’s Gaelic football as well as concerts, major cultural and international events.


Croke Park’s tour guides needed a way to enhance the traditional stadium visit by illustrating the history and heritage of Croke Park and the GAA itself, as well as giving visitors a taste of what the stadium is like on match and event days.

In addition, the Skyline Tour – which gives visitors the opportunity to view and learn more about Dublin’s key buildings and features of the surrounding landscape such as Glasnevin Cemetery, Guinness Storehouse, the Aviva Stadium – had to deliver in-depth content to the whole group and in the visitor’s own language.


Imagineear created a hybrid of self-guided and group-guided content delivered on Imagineear’s MPti™ device using the Multimedia GroupGuide™ system. Interspersing the guide’s commentary with additional immersive content such as key historical archive material, interviews and 360º photography recorded at the GAA All-Ireland Football and Hurling Championship, this experience supports the personal nature of a stadium group tour. Information is presented on the MPti™ screens in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, German and Irish text, supporting Croke Park’s international visitors.


While accompanied by a guide, the Skyline Tour enables visitors to self-select specific places of interest from the vantage point of the stadium roof walkway, so they can listen to translated content on the group’s devices about a particular landmark in multiple languages simultaneously.

“Coming from Limerick myself, it’s been an especially exciting journey for me and the Imagineear team to work with this unique venue to help them deliver a tour which adds to the visitor’s enjoyment and gives the fantastic Croke Park guiding team additional content and flexible ways to enhance and adapt the tour experience.”

Emma Thompson, Imagineear Senior Project Manager UK and Ireland