Design Museum, London
Ferrari: Under the Skin

In an ideal symbiotic relationship, the Design Museum, London came together with the iconic Ferrari marque to stage Ferrari: Under the Skin, a celebration of 70 years of passion, glamour and innovation behind the brand’s exceptional race and road cars.


The Design Museum needed a self-guided tour to be created for the exhibition, the first to be commissioned by the site, within a very short time space and with limited budget for resources. Imagineear needed to find a way of adding value to the curator-based audio interviews and the object label wording that formed the base resource material.


The result pushed the boundaries of the traditional audio guide book into multimedia content that set it apart in terms of visitor satisfaction.  It’s the first museum tour to include 360º imagery, in this case, the all-round view from the driver’s seat of the rare and classic Ferraris on display.  image recognition on our ‘Race-cam’ feature allows re-live those winning Ferrari moments.  The design interface of the tour, delivered on Imagineer’s MPti™ players, reflects the high-level values of the Design Museum and Ferrari and works with the unique visual identify of the exhibition spaces.


Our interactive tour helps visitors explore the history, design and incredible engineering behind Enzo Ferrari’s winning race cars and famous road cars of the last 70 years. The tour is both informative and fun helping visitors see what’s behind the brand and ‘under the skin’ of the cars.