Mum and Baby


The Mum & Baby app started as the brainchild of Dr Sunita Sharma, Clinical Lead for Postnatal Services at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, who wanted a digital method of providing
consistent, up-to-date, NHS approved information to new mothers leaving hospital with their babies with problem-solving clinical expertise.


Working closely with the postnatal department and CW+, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s charity, new mums and their family members, Imagineear developed Mum & Baby as a free app to give new
parents mobile information about how to look after themselves and their baby in the first weeks after birth.

Since then, the app has developed in content, functionality and specialisation. Content has expanded to encompass the user’s maternity journey from early pregnancy, through labour, birth and beyond.

In line with the Better Birth report (2016) recommendations, the app offers women the ability to explore and choose their maternity care through personal care and support plans, choice of maternity unit and
promotes continuity of care. NHS local maternity and neonatal services (LMNSs) in England can now join the app and offer their users specific information about their local maternity units, essential hospital and
community contacts, as well as details of local health campaigns.
Content, which was previously given in print form, is presented in clear, illustrated and engaging interactive sections. Videos from antenatal classes for those that can’t attend to specific health conditions help to provide support and guidance.

All content is continuously reviewed and can be instantly updated, including maternity COVID-19 updates as they occur.

What We Are Proud Of

When assessed by ORCHA (Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Applications), the app achieved the highest rating of any pregnancy and birth app tested by the body.
Since January 2020, when the app’s wider availability in NHS LMNSs started, the number of new users downloading Mum & Baby has reached over 80,000 with continuous high satisfaction feedback from
users and clinicians.