The Royal Castle, Warsaw

The Royal Castle is symbolic of the resistant spirit of the Polish nation. Since its origins in the fourteenth century, it has been destroyed and rebuilt twice as well as bombed and looted by the Nazis. Now newly restored, the castle, together with the city’s Old Town, is registered as a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The Castle needed to make best tour provision for the hundreds of group tour visitors who come daily, including staffing assistance.


Imagineear’s DigitalGroupGuide™ (DGG™) is now in place to enhance the guided visitor party experience around the Royal Castle, Warsaw. Imagineear’s DGG™ system consists of a light-weight transmitter, used by the tour guide, that links to visitors’ individual receivers.

What we are proud of

The system can provide digital clarity to up to 64 tour groups simultaneously on discrete channels and with a range of up to 50 metres.  By preserving the guide’s voice, the DDG™ allows guides to conduct more frequent tours to larger groups with crystal clear commentary, even in the noisiest of settings. What’s more, the system’s sophisticated on-line reporting facility links into the Castle’s ticketing system. We also provide staff to hand out, manage and collect the equipment.