Croke Park launches Multimedia GroupGuide for tours

Croke Park, the home of Ireland’s largest sporting and cultural organisation, the Gaelic Athletic Association, (GAA) and the scene of iconic moments in Irish sport and history, has commissioned Imagineear to create a tour for adults and kids to enhance the guided stadium visit, with a museum tour planned to follow.

With a capacity of 82,300 fans, the Dublin-based stadium is the third largest in Europe and hosts men’s and women’s Gaelic football and hurling as well as concerts, major cultural and international events.

It has a unique sporting history with its heroes consisting of highly-talented amateurs whose family names and bloodlines go back generations in the same Irish games.

Croke Park’s guides will use Imagineear’s Multimedia GroupGuide™ system, which allows the guide’s commentary to be interspersed with additional content to complement the personal nature of the tour experience through immersive content such as video including key historical archive material, interviews and 360º photography recorded at the GAA All-Ireland Football and Hurling Championship Finals. These supplementary layers help the guides enhance the experience by illustrating the history and heritage of Croke Park and the GAA itself as well as showing what the stadium is like on match and event days. The current tour is in English but the Multimedia GroupGuide™ enables translated content to be triggered by the guide in multiple languages simultaneously.

“Having a Dublin background, it’s been an  especially exciting journey for me and the team to work with this unique venue to help them deliver a tour which adds to the visitor’s enjoyment and gives the fantastic Croke Park Guiding team additional content and ways to enhance and adapt the tour experience,” said Iain George, Imagineear’s Project Director for UK and Ireland. “We look forward to developing the tour further and delivering new and creative ways of interpreting Croke Park’s museum tour.”


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