Hindi Becomes the 19th Tours & Tickets Language

No trip to Amsterdam is complete without taking to the water and enjoying one of Tours & Tickets’ canal cruises, with visitor interpretation provided by Imagineear.

Tours & Tickets investment in offering the tours in multiple languages has clearly paid off in terms of popularity with overseas visitors, so much so that Imagineear was asked to deliver a cultural adaptation of the tour in Hindi, the language of over 545 million speakers, and the 19th language to be added to Tours & Tickets’ repertoire.

‘Although we specialise in technically correct and culturally relevant foreign language provision for most of our clients, this is the first time we have produced a tour in Hindi. As well it is notable as marking the most languages that we have done for any one client,’ says Eleonore Heijboer, a Founder, and the Creative Director of Imagineear. ‘People come from all over the world to visit Amsterdam’s famous canals and see the wealth of beautiful buildings on their banks, so increasing the number of available languages creates the opportunity for more of them to enjoy an interpretive experience.’

Tours & Tickets boat and bus tours are available in the following languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Catalan, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai and Indonesian and now Hindi on the boat tours.



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