Imagineear Strikes the Right Note at the Musical Instruments Museum

MIM, the Musical Instruments Museum in Brussels, renowned for its outstanding collection of music-making devices, has chosen the MPti™ to enhance the visitor experience.

Examples on display range from ancient Egyptian to modern electronic, and cover the whole gambit of instruments from around the world.

Each year, the museum welcomes over 150,000 visitors, with many coming from far away especially to see the collection. It is housed in one of the most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings in Brussels, situated on the Kunstberg.

The tour features music, hi-res images, video clips and extra information on the more than 250 instruments on display. It is even possible to stand in front of an instrument and hear a clip of music that has been recorded on that particular one.

Jan Bossier from Artspot, who runs the project, says: “I am looking forward to working with Imagineear and the MPTi™. I used the MPTi™ on another project this year – a music exhibition in Antwerp Cathedral and the players worked flawlessly. Both the staff and the visitors were very pleased. It’s the right player for MIM, with its excellent screen showing detailed images of the instruments in hi-res and the music playing through Imagineear’s headsets that have a great sound quality which is very important for this site.

“The open Android platform of the MPTi™ gives us full control and advanced features such as remote device management, wireless content updating and detailed statistics. We have been looking for a multimedia player like this for years and we are delighted to have finally found the player that combines the robustness needed in daily museum operations with all the advanced features of commercial tablets allowing us to bring a mind-blowing multimedia application to every museum visitor.”



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