Imagineear re-design London Stadium group tour, in record time, for reopening

London Stadium, the famous Olympic site and home to West Ham United Football Club, has reopened with an updated guided group tour, redesigned and built by Imagineear in less than a week.

The existing Multimedia GroupGuide™ (MGG™) stadium tour is a mix of content covering many topics of interest, from the local history of London’s East End to the legends of West Ham United FC.

The tour includes new West Ham multimedia content, including individual videos of the current European qualifying team, historic footage and 360 videos from the dugout, as well as cameos from the heroes of London 2012, Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Usain Bolt and Jonny Peacock, all combining to create an exciting and engaging visitor experience.

Imagineear were tasked with redesigning and building this content to offer visitors a simplified and more personal experience. Visitors are now able to easily select content which appeals to them, within a group tour environment, adding choice and helping to enhance and illustrate the Tour Guides’ narrative.

Guided group tours are equipped with Imagineear’s advanced Multimedia GroupGuide™ system, delivered on Imagineear’s MPti™ handheld device. The MGG™ system allows tour guides to remain in control of visiting groups, he or she can choose to trigger pre-loaded multimedia content on the group’s devices.

This combination of self-selected content, within the context of a guide-led group tour offers visitors the best of both worlds, and ensures an unforgettable tour experience.

“We are delighted with the Imagineear devices and initial visitor feedback has been hugely positive.” said James Willcocks, Head of Tours, “Visitors have enjoyed the content options on offer and have felt that this added level of autonomy made for a more leisurely and enjoyable tour experience, without the feeling of being ushered quickly from one place to the next. The video content has also been perfectly timed to ensure that visitors remain engaged and interested throughout the tour”.


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Clare Cooper-Hammond
Imagineear Ltd

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Imagineear is a leading innovator in the provision of multimedia content and technology solutions.  We design and produce multilingual content, which we often integrate with existing archive materials, as well as live audio.  We publish to smartphones, and to smart devices on-site, working with sports venues, cultural sites and the healthcare sector.  In London and Amsterdam we have experienced content, hardware, software and data solution teams.  Our goal is to help our clients deliver exceptional value and memorable experiences to their visitors, both on- and off-site.