Imagineear’s partner, Strawberry Field, Liverpool leads the way in being accessible to all

Strawberry Field, the world-famous site immortalised by John Lennon in The Beatles hit, “Strawberry Fields Forever” is aiming to be the UK’s Number 1 attraction for accessibility, thanks to a series of upgraded and innovative features.

Previously a Salvation Army children’s home, Strawberry Field is now home to an interactive visitor exhibition, café, shop and gardens. With responsible tourism and well-being at its heart, this award-winning heritage site now leads the way in being accessible to all, with full wheelchair access, tours for the visually impaired and features to support the hard of hearing and other disabilities, as well as a multi-language media guide created by the Imagineear team.

The newly introduced spectacular tour for the visually impaired has had a tremendously enthusiastic response. The unique combination of an experienced tour guide, together with tactile features and an interactive media player, brings the experience alive. To help support visitors with hearing disabilities all video content now includes added captions.

Matthew Hughes-Paton, who attended one of the focus groups said, “I visited Strawberry Field along with three other visually impaired people to give feedback on the audio described tour around the visitor exhibition – we all absolutely loved it.

Not only was the tour informative and really interesting, but it was great to visit somewhere that really took our needs into account and catered for our varying visual impairments. The tour was fully accessible with tactile elements and lots to listen to.

“I can’t recommend Strawberry Field enough. It is such a warm and welcoming place and I will certainly be telling others who are blind and visually impaired about the audio described tour.”

Much of the innovative technology was provided by Imagineear, who used their knowledge and experience of visitor journeys and inclusive tours to produce engaging and accessible multimedia content.

“Inclusivity is always a key factor for us when creating content and or providing delivery platform services” said Clare Cooper-Hammond, Managing Director of Imagineear UK & Ireland. “We are delighted to have contributed to the overall accessibility of Strawberry Field and applaud the upgrades and new features the team have introduced to ensure that this iconic visitor attraction is enjoyed by all”.

“I am delighted with the progress we have made in making our attraction open to all. It fits well with our ethos within Strawberry Field and The Salvation Army of being totally inclusive” said Kathleen Versfeld, Mission Director at Strawberry Field. “In the next year we hope to provide further facilities with tours for those with Alzheimer’s and autism”.



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