Live-Build Multimedia Workshop at Museum Ideas

Working under pressure is nothing new to the Imagineear team, who ambitiously tasked both themselves and attendees of their Museum Ideas workshop to script, record, build and upload a multimedia guide stop in one hour.

The objective was successfully achieved and the result was then automatically triggered from one Imagineear MPti device to workshop participant devices to simulate Imagineear’s Multimedia GroupGuide (MGG), which gives an added dimension to guided tours.

This interactive exercise, billed as a Hands On Content Development Workshop, focused on how to script a multimedia stop to enrich visitors’ experience of a particular exhibit without distracting them from the actual piece as well as how to construct different script content for adult and children’s tours.  Essential advice as well as advanced tips for best scriptwriting with integration of video, stills and interviews was given by Imagineear’s Lead Creative Editor, Marion McAuley.  The audience was asked to write supporting script for Freud’s portrait of HM The Queen, which was the subject of the live-build exercise.

“The aim of the workshop was twofold: to highlight the subtle differences inherent in writing for different media; and to demonstrate the simplicity of the Multimedia GroupGuide platform, which allows a guide both to speak to a group, and to trigger pre-loaded multimedia content on the group’s players in their own language”, said Andrew Nugée, Chief Executive.  “I am delighted with the positive response from the workshop participants”.

“A great workshop,” was the verdict of Museum-iD Magazine’s editor Greg Chamberlain who organised the series of workshops prior to the Museum Ideas Conference in London.


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