• Built by our expert multimedia designers and developers, with decades of tour industry experience, TourBuilderPlus™ streamlines the many creative and production processes into an easy and intuitive workflow of building blocks to create exceptional multimedia experiences.  TourBuilderPlus™ is a comprehensive platform which is used inhouse by the Imagineear team, and enables all disciplines to use a single coherent system.


    With an ever-growing list of dynamic content and features, from 360° videos and interactive games to visual recognition, proximity and content synchronisation technologies, your tour can be uniquely tailored to tell your story.  Unlike most CMS systems, TourBuilderPlus™ offers complete creative flexibility: for each project you can save time by using a range of familiar ‘pre-designed’ tour structures, or build a unique structure from scratch.  This means you can offer your visitors a completely bespoke tour with a look and feel that is fully aligned with your brand, venue and event.


    Imagineear’s TourBuilderPlus™ goes further, providing clients with an exclusive login to access their own area of the system.  Here you will be able to preview parts of the tour, as well as give comments and feedback on content and design.  This allows you to be more closely involved during the creative production phase and to have the ability to monitor updates, or request changes, in real time.


    Once the initial production is complete and ready for launch, the system’s remote device management function supports seamless content upload to your device inventory or to app stores.  And as soon as the experience is in use, TourBuilderPlus™ also provides device metrics and user analytics, to help you to learn, and to optimise visitor behaviour.

  • Versatile page design using the Pages™ tool for creative content presentation and maximum interactivity including audio, images, video, slideshows, scrolling pages and more
    Grid™ programmes intuitive entry points to tour content via virtual keypad, option lists, image galleries plus interactive maps, quizzes and games
    360-degree video and image technology with the option of interactive hotspots leading to further layers of content
    Detect™ feature automatically triggers AR and Image Recognition content for a deeper engagement and interactivity
    Zoom™ allows for a range of dynamic multimedia interactions including zoomable images, hotspot touchpoints and interactive maps
    MultimediaGroupGuide™ function gives guides the ability to mix live commentary with dynamic multimedia content to group visitors
    Scan™ uses barcodes and QR codes to trigger content, capture real-time visitor data and provides solutions for retail environments including ticketing, coupons and special offers
    External Apps™ feature supports integration of third party apps within the tour for additional functionality and variety of experiences
    Triggers™ facilitates accurate and reliable content triggering via Bluetooth and our other communication features enable signalling and synchronisation to audiovisual displays using FM technology
    Textbox™ allows a user to submit text during a tour for data capture or real-time engagement
    Access options including video subtitling and sign language videos and using the Zoom™ feature to increase image or map size