MPtouch™ Dashboard

  • The MPtouch Dashboard™ is Imagineear’s online management tool for our MPtouch™ family of players. It offers a full suite of intuitive content and device management tools, as well as data collection and analysis capabilities to give you full control over every detail of your tour environment.



    Our Analytics™ tool has been designed to capture valuable user data during the course of a tour. It anonymously records all device activity which is downloaded to a server and sorted into easy to view customised reports. There are numerous combinations of information available so clients can specify what data is important to them for review and analysis, enabling fully informed decision making.



    Monitor™ provides a daily health check and status report on each device connected via the charging rack. It provides information about battery life and diagnostics for fast troubleshooting and repair, keeping any disruptions to tour operations to a minimum.



    We know it’s important to always keep tour content up to date, whether you’re adding new stops to an existing tour, a brand new tour or introducing a foreign language option, Upload™ makes the task easy. Simply connect the players into the charging racks and leave them to charge overnight and any content updates are automatically uploaded to the players so they are ready to be handed out the next day.



    Data collected in the log file of the device is downloaded when the players are connected to the server via the charging rack or wifi. The data is then exported to the server ready to be sorted for reporting and analysis.