Poznań Zoo Tour Chooses MediaPacker™

The Zoo at Poznań, in Poland, has ordered Imagineear’s MediaPacker™ platform for its tour of the Zoo’s wide collection of animals from around the world.

The New Zoo, opened in 1974 and built in the same zoological park as the 19th Century Old Zoo attraction, includes a visitor trail which circles lakes that are home to pelicans and flamingos, as well as an artillary fort built by the Prussian army in the late 1800s.

‘Our MediaPacker™ with its 2.4” colour screen and numeric keypad is a proven and cost-effective player for hand-held media tours of this type’ says Ziv Kushnir, Commerical Director of Imagineear. ‘Recognised for its flexibility and stability, it is able to play audio, video and images, sync in multiple languages to video screens, and display text and slideshows.  It can offer an almost unlimited number of stops and languages from a single device, and allows tours to be navigated by number, map or by automated triggering’.

The Poznań Zoo has taken MediaPacker™ devices with headphone and charging racks.



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