What We Do


We have considerable experience in advising our clients on existing or future projects. This can take the form of tour and visitor experience planning or assessing client IPRs for mobile delivery and commercial exploitation. We also offer guidance on commercial operations and marketing.

Some of the services listed below are charged for, others are free of charge. Talk to us about your needs.

  • Tour Planning – including content mapping, site navigation, technology evaluation and options for optimum data capture.
  • Exhibition Planning – including advanced involvement, strategic input, visitor flow optimisation and engagement for children.
  • Installation Planning – including equipment location, charging requirements, on-site signage and device return management.
  • IP – including asset assessment/valuation, commercial exploitation, market research and project management.
  • App Advisory – including objective planning, best delivery, partnership/co-funding and sales & licensing.
  • Marketing – including strategy and tactics, joint launch promotion, comparative pricing and secret shopper services.
  • Virtual / Augmented Reality – including image triggering, 360°/VR video and interactive 360° imagery.