About us

Imagineear was founded in 2009 in London and Amsterdam, and is still owned and managed by the same team. 

Our sole focus has always been providing media experiences to visitor attractions, and our clients today include some of the world’s leading sports venues, heritage and cultural sites and entertainment brands.

We provide audio and multimedia solutions in multiple languages, which we publish to web apps, native apps, kiosks and big screens, and our own suite of handheld Android devices.  We build triggering and augmented reality into the visitor’s experience, and offer a world of additional depth through immersive virtual reality.

From the outset Imagineear’s values reflected those of the founders:

Fair, Open and Transparent

Trust is lost in buckets and regained in drops. We aim at all times to treat clients and staff in a fair and transparent manner.


In the end, all staff members are volunteers. We aim to put our staff first, knowing that this way they will be able to put the client first.

Innovative, Creative and Bold

In an ever-changing landscape, our most valuable defence is persistent innovation and building a reputation for genuine creativity.

Authentic and Quality-Orientated

In a messy world, we embrace a zero-defect mentality, recognising that our products and services must operate flawlessly for clients, all day and every day.


Our word is our bond. We strive to deliver reliable services consistently.

Thorough and Patient

In an ever-changing landscape, our most valuable defence is persistent innovation and building a reputation for genuine creativity.

The team is led by half a dozen experienced executives:

Andrew Nugée

Co-Founder and CEO, Andrew has many years’ experience managing media businesses including Antenna Audio (a substantial part of which Imagineear re-acquired in 2022). Previous media experience includes The FT, The Economist Intelligence Unit and The Boston Consulting Group. Andrew speaks English, French and German, and has an Masters in Materials and Management from Oxford University and an MBA from Insead. andrewnugee@imagineear.com

Ziv Kushnir

Co-Founder and COO, Ziv has worked with visitor attractions for almost three decades, and brings a wealth of operations and cross cultural commercial experience to the team. Ziv speak fluent English and Hebrew and has an Masters in Economics and an MBA from Tel Aviv University. zivkushnir@imagineear.com

Clare Cooper-Hammond

Clare has over 20 years’ experience with visitor attractions in client service and experience design, delivery and management. She runs the UK delivery team, and is overall responsible for the UK and Eire. Previous experience includes working as a Fine Art buyer and Corporate Art Consultant. She has a Masters in Heritage Management and a BA in Fine Art Valuation. clarecooperhammond@imagineear.com

Alain Enault

Head of Channel Partnerships, Alain has deep background in financial services, with Visa, SPB Group, EFMA and Wox, of which he was a founding co-partner. He has worked with visitor attractions since 2002 and currently manages all indirect routes to market. Alain speaks English, French, and Spanish fluently (in addition to Portuguese and Catalan) and has degrees from NEOMA business school in France, Baruch College in the US and IESE in Spain. alainenault@imagineear.com

Eleonore Heijboer

Eleonore runs the EU office based in Amsterdam, and has been working in the field since 1994, making her a pioneer in the business of digital storytelling. Prior to that she worked with an antiques dealer and Phillips Auctioneers in Amsterdam. She speaks English, Dutch, French and German and has a Masters in Art History and Archaeology from Leiden University. eleonoreheijboer@imagineear.com

Eric van der Hoeven

Eric has been working with visitor attraction technologies since 1994, and is the Tech Director at Imagineear, responsible for all hardware R&D. He designed and is responsible for Imagineear’s hardware, working with partners in Asia. He also designed the onboard software environment TourBuilder. Eric speaks fluent English and Dutch and has a Masters in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from Delft Technical University. ericvanderhoeven@imagineear.com

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