Our intuitive software is designed for unrestricted visitor experiences

We understand the complexities of designing and implementing successful multimedia experiences.

Based on decades of knowledge and strong R&D, we have developed a suite of flexible software packages that help our clients to maximise their creativity in tour design and support day-to-day tour operations. We are fully in control and able to add new features, applications or even build new code on demand to create truly unique user experiences.

Culture, sport and heritage attractions

Leisure venues

Events & exhibitions

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We have developed a suite of software specifically designed to deliver unique bespoke content and outstanding visitor experiences

In-house developers

Built by our expert multimedia designers and developers with decades of tour industry experience, our Content Management System, TourBuilder Plus™, streamlines the many creative and production processes into an easy and workflow of intuitive building blocks to create exceptional multimedia experiences. TourBuilder Plus™ is a comprehensive platform which is used in-house by the Imagineear team and enables all disciplines to use a single coherent system.

in house developers

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