for the Eyes

Eye-catching, design-led rich media tours are our forté

Taking a design-led approach to our experiences allows us to deliver content that not only enhances, but elevates the entire visitor experience. Our design process is collaborative and we work closely with you, from start to finish, to ensure that our designs reflect your identity and ethos.

Each production is uniquely adapted to evoke strong emotional connection and impact, since we understand that visitor experiences are visceral as well as visual.

Beautiful bespoke user interfaces and striking graphic designs that perfectly complement our content have become synonymous with Imagineear

In-House Design

Our in-house designers have a wide range of skills and software tools and they relish the opportunity to push creative boundaries through design.

We are also mindful that your content must be accessible for all visitors; our design choices maximise inclusion and access without compromising creativity. From bold, high-impact graphics to subtle and sophisticated user interface designs; from static menus to parallax content scrolls; from intuitive navigational maps to exciting bespoke keypads.

Our designers take pride in producing sleek, beautiful and perfectly complementary designs for every client, every time.

"Imagineear were quick to grasp the artistic essence of the house and brought so much creativity to the project"

Emma Inglis

Curator (South & West) for The National Trust for Scotland

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