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Auschwitz at Malmö‭, ‬Sweden

Auschwitz: Not long ago, not far away is one of the most poignant and important travelling exhibitions seen in recent times.

Our long-term partners Musealia, were seeking robust and reliable multimedia devices for use on each leg of their travelling exhibition, Auschwitz: Not long ago, not far away.

The impressive exhibition saw huge visitor numbers throughout the USA and Europe, visited by almost a million people in Madrid, New York and Kansas City (MO) and with over 60 000 tickets sold in Malmö, Sweden.

Imagineear provided accompanying audioguide hardware at each of the exhibit’s international locations, with content delivered on our MPi™ devices, our versatile tablet player specifically built for maximum resilience and repeat use all day.

Imagineear ensured that multi-language content, which guides visitors through hundreds of artifacts from the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum including personal items – such as suitcases, eyeglasses, and shoes – was available on each leg of the exhibition’s travels, and that tour stops were ordered to reflect the different venue layouts and visitor journeys at each location.