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Imagineear partners with Bloomberg Philanthropies to help bring Bloomberg Connects, a free cultural app, to organisations around the world

Bloomberg Philanthropies and Imagineear have agreed to a new partnership to accelerate the rollout of the highly successful Bloomberg Connects app to cultural sites across the UK, Ireland, continental Europe and beyond.

The Bloomberg Connects app, just four years post-launch, hosts digital guides to almost 350 cultural organisations from 20 countries on 6 continents. An ambitious philanthropic initiative, the platform is completely free to both cultural partners and end users and aims to facilitate more engaging visitor experiences worldwide. By leveraging their network of European offices and staff, Imagineear will work alongside Bloomberg Philanthropies to help onboard a growing number of partners to the app platform.

Andrew Nugée, Imagineear CEO said: “We are delighted to be working with Bloomberg Philanthropies, and fully support their visionary initiative of bringing the joy of cultural experience to the widest possible audience through Bloomberg Connects. I look forward to working with the team in this partnership.”

Ziv Kushnir, Imagineear COO added: “Bloomberg Connects is wholly aligned with Imagineear’s ethos of bringing outstanding, enlightening, and memorable content to visitors worldwide. We have built a trusted and service-oriented team with over 20 years’ experience, and we are optimistic this will be a great partnership of like-minded and complementary organisations.”

Working with Imagineear will significantly increase Bloomberg Philanthropies’ ability to support a diverse and growing portfolio of global cultural partners using Bloomberg Connects to enhance their visitor experience and expand their audiences.

The Bloomberg Connects app, created by Bloomberg Philanthropies, provides free digital guides to museums, galleries, gardens, public art, festivals, historic sites, and more, expanding access to arts and culture around the world. With a unique portfolio model and an easy-to use interface that can be customized to each partner’s content and mission, Bloomberg Connects gives institutions a powerful way to serve a diverse and growing group of users, and visitors a powerful connection to the cultural world around them.

Imagineear provides audio and multimedia solutions to sports venues, cultural sites, and visitor attractions. The company creates compelling multilingual content which they publish to multiple platforms, including consumer web apps, native apps, and their own suite of Android devices. From rich, immersive audio through to interactive multimedia including VR/AR, the Imagineear team helps shape and deliver exceptional, memorable experiences to their clients’ visitors.

Bloomberg Connects is wholly aligned with Imagineear’s ethos of bringing outstanding, enlightening, and memorable content to visitors worldwide.

Ziv Kushnir
Imagineear COO