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Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has entered the building!

Elvis: Direct From Graceland is our latest temporary Exhibition at The Arena Riyadh Venue for Exhibitions in Saudi Arabia, organised by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Culture.

The exhibition celebrates the life and legacy of the rock and roll legend, allowing visitors a rare glimpse of Elvis memorabilia, ranging from dazzling costumes to iconic music.

Imagineear were chosen to create a rich multilingual, multimedia guide featuring contextual information and rousing soundtrack, providing visitors with a cohesive experience as they navigate the various themed zones of the exhibition.

Delivered on our MPi™ handheld device, the guide offers both English and Arabic content, helping visitors to better understand the man behind the icon and his phenomenal trajectory through his life, career and legacy. Carefully curated playlists bursting with Elvis’ classic songs and most evocative music allow visitors a deeper connection and engagement with the subject matter and the exhibition itself.

Our multimedia device, the MPi™,  features a syncing functionality that allows visitors to sync with, and listen to, the multiple AV screens within the space as they move through around the exhibition.

“Designing a multimedia guide on a tight turnaround, with multiple stakeholders, with across several countries and time zones was a challenge we were happy to take on and overcome!” said James Robertson, Senior Account Manager, Imagineear. “Ensuring that our tour content perfectly balanced and enhanced the physical exhibition whilst doing justice to the music and history of this legendary performer was paramount. The final result is a beautifully designed, informative and above all perfectly complementary rich media guide that leaves a lasting impression.”