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Imagineear solutions shining bright at the Palazzo dei Diamanti

Following extensive renovation work, the Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara is reopening with an exhibition dedicated to two Masters of the Italian Renaissance, Ercole de’ Roberti and Lorenzo Costa.

Organised by the Fondazione Ferrara Arte and Servizio Musei d’Arte del Comune di Ferrara the exhibit features over 100 pieces curated from collections all over the world.

To enhance the visitor experience and bring further learning opportunities to the exhibition, Imagineear provided a threefold solution producing an Imagineear web app, handheld device and group-guided audio content.

The web app is accessible via QR codes and allows visitors to experience the audio content on their own smartphones, whilst on-site our MPi™ device is ideal for visitors who prefer to use bespoke media players during their visit. For guided tour visitors, our Digital Group Guide™ solution ensures crystal clear sound allowing groups to enjoy the personal touch of a tour guide and allowing the guide to speak to multiple visitors without compromising the experience for others outside the tour group.

Both Italian and English tour content has been created and can be accessed via a beautiful list menu highlighting the layout of the exhibition, which is organised thematically by rooms.

The audio tours have become an important educational tool ensuring visitors leave with an enhanced understanding of the Ferrara Renaissance, and with 456 visitors in the first day alone, the robust and reliable nature of the Imagineear devices and guide solutions has never been more important.

“We are really thrilled to contribute to the successful reopening of the iconic Palazzo dei Diamanti,” said Beatrice Creazzola, Regional Manager, Imagineear Italy. “We had the pleasure of working with their team of true professionals and for such a beautiful and refined exhibition. The result is brilliant and will hopefully pave the way for future collaborations.”

"The result is brilliant and will hopefully pave the way for future collaborations!"

Beatrice Creazzola
Regional Manager, Imagineear Italy