Case Study

Case Study

The Royal Albert Hall, London

The Royal Albert Hall, London device

The Royal Albert Hall, London’s most iconic music venue, partnered with Imagineear to bring a multimedia group-guided experience to its venue tours.

“Their groundbreaking technology will work in tandem with our incredible tour guides.”

Anthony Winter-Brown
Director of Visitor Experience, Royal Albert Hall

Visitors on a guided tour of the Hall are provided with Imagineear’s innovative Multimedia GroupGuide™ technology, which allows the group leader’s live commentary to be interspersed with dynamic multimedia content, elevating the experience to a new level of multi-sensory interactivity.

The addition of the Multimedia GroupGuide™ helps bring the Hall’s stories to life through a range of engaging content that adds visual references to the guide’s commentary.

This includes chronological timelines and infographics, compelling timelapse and 360° videos, galleries and slideshows, plus some of Imagineear’s latest innovative content features. The addition of this type of immersive multimedia delivers an unforgettable and multi-sensory visitor experience while preserving the personal touch of a group-led tour.

The Royal Albert Hall, London Exterior